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The world is ending in Seattle

November 26, 2006: Snowstorm hits the Pacific Northwest, leaving me stranded at the Vancouver airport overnight on the way back from London because no flights were going to Seattle. The Monday commute took many people 2-6 hours, and ice made conditions in the morning really dangerous on Tuesday.

December 14, 2006: Winds of over 60mph hit Seattle at night, causing the 520 bridge to shut down, over 750,000 homes to lose power for multiple days, and a handful of people to die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Not to mention all the trees down on cars, buildings, power lines, and roads, hour lines at gas stations, and freezing temperatures to make the lack of heat even worse. Not to mention many, many bored people, since there aren't a lot of activities you can do by candlelight, and it gets dark at 5pm.

January 9, 2007: Weather people predict big windstorm followed by big snowstorm. Instead, we get outrageous traffic, a mild breeze, and no snow until late at night, which ends up being only a light dusting.

January 10, 2007: Suddenly starts snowing at the beginning of rush hour. Repeat November incident with long commutes (my 15 minute drive turned into 1.5+ hours), abandoned cars all over the place, etc. I heard it was taking up to an hour to get out of the parking garage at work, and they were asking people not to turn on their engines until they had to because of the fumes. People were walking on the highway (I'm sure it was faster). I saw a bus lose its chains, stop, and rechain in the middle lane of a highway. Temperatures dropped down to 20 or so overnight, so everything turned to ice. Many people are not at work today. I unfortunately am not one of them.

Commute home

Across the street this morning

highways are parking lots
Probably one of the better highway offramps... supposedly I-90 around Issaquah turned into a used car parking lot with all the abandoned cars.

A nicer sunset picture from when it wasn't snowing

Looks like the snow is also tired of the Midwest and has moved West. Sigh.


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