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June 22, 2007

all around the world


I've done my fair share of traveling so far this year (but not my fair share of updating). My major trip in the spring was to Southeast Asia with Mike, beginning in Bangkok and working my way down southern Thailand and the West coast of Malaysia, ending in Singapore. At this point, I think my entire family thinks I'm crazy. My dad (having watched the King & I perhaps one too many times) asked if I was going there to marry Thai royalty. My mom told me not to offend anyone. And I think I got a warning not to play with the monkeys. But despite these concerns and the blistering heat, I had a good trip. Asia was pretty different from my previous Europe trip. There were fewer "must-see" things and it was more about just walking around, eating excessive quantities of food, and taking in the culture and environment. Future destinations: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bali, and Burma (bets on whether or not I end up in prison?).

May was a big month of weddings, so I made a few weekend trips around the country. First was Brooke's wedding at the beginning of the month in Baton Rouge. It was great to be there, and she looked so happy. I got to eat Cajun food (stuffed crab = bliss) and see my fellow "Demon Class alums" in a big childhood reunion. Is there ever such a thing as too many Chinese people? Hmm. Then over Memorial Day weekend, I made the expensive trek over to the Midwest for Dave and Stephy's wedding in Cincinnati. Got to hang out with the college gang for a few days, and I seem to be the sole member of that group who has not succumbed to the clutches of the DS. Tickets were too expensive to get me back home on Monday or Tuesday, so I went back to Indiana for a few days to hang out with the family. It's scary how similar my brothers look these days.

Some of the Asia pictures are up. I have pictures from the wedding trips as well, and they may someday make it online.

June 26, 2007

no money and no time but I'm an adult now

It seemed like there were two things I was lacking in my life that were causing me to pay twice as much in taxes as the average person in my income group: children and a home loan. It seemed time to take on one of the milestones that would move me away from the "just out of college" group and into the "full-fledged adult" group. Take a guess at which one I chose...

I'm now the proud owner of a 2BR, 1280 sq ft condo in the South Rose Hill area of Kirkland. And a lot of debt. The picture above misrepresents my view (this is what you see if you stand in a certain place and zoom in), but hey, at least I have a view now. Despite being in Kirkland, I'm actually still close to work (only 5 miles away), and I like being in a neighborhood that's quiet but close to things I need.

No pictures of the interior yet, mainly because I'm still seriously lacking in furniture and have boxes everywhere.

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