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Taiwan Part 1: Taipei with friends

National Palace Museum
I've had a request for me to update my blog more regularly. Not making any promises, but I'll at least attempt to catch up on some travel entries.

Bad weather in Seattle
Sandy and Jenni were itching to travel, but I didn't have a whole lot of vacation time, so we decided that the two of them would do a tour around Taiwan, and then I'd meet them for the last few days of their trip so we could eat and shop our way around Taipei.

The plan was great and all, but then Seattle got hit by a huge wintry hug from the heavens, with a big snowstorm followed by a week or so of the temperatures not going above freezing. Here in Hippieville, we value our salmon more than our safety, and local laws allowed only for sanding of the roads instead of salting, which was pretty much ineffective. I drove in the storm at 5mph on the highway with cars and trucks spinning out of control all around me, and I ended up having to ditch my car on the hill next to my condo because I slowed down to avoid the idiot kids who were sledding on the road and lost too much speed to make it up. I did have to walk to Safeway to finish my shopping for the trip, but I managed to get to the airport the afternoon before the next round of snow hit (and paralyzed the city/airport for awhile) and make it to warm, sunny Taiwan.

All of us had spent time in Taiwan before, but it was a really unique experience to be tourists in a place where we were used to being dragged around by our parents and other relatives. We knew what to eat, Jenni got shopping tips from a Taiwanese friend, and we knew enough of the language to communicate (my reading was surprisingly good enough to be useful!).

We spent all of our time in Taipei and surrounding areas, chowing down on oyster omelettes, zhongzi, etc. at night markets, visiting the National Palace Museum, eating way too many egg sandwiches for breakfast, hiking at Yangmingshan, sitting on old ladies' laps in the crowded bus down from Yangmingshan, and wishing the panda exhibit was open at the zoo (but also enjoying the other critters). We also wandered out to Danshui, a touristy fishing town by the water, where we ate seafood and did some shopping.

Rickrolling karaokeOk, and maybe we were a little crazy. Definitely our three hour karaoke marathon (heavily utilizing special effects on the voices) had some crazy (and some Rick Astley!). And the light saber fighting with yo tiao at a breakfast place near our hotel. And climbing on a playset shaped like a pile of poo at the zoo. And cracking up at cheap Engrish shirts at the night markets.

The whole thing was a lot of fun, and I definitely look forward to traveling more with friends. What's in store for GirlTrip v2! China? New Zealand? Greece? Hmm...
National Palace Museum Danshui Poo at the zoo Ximending


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