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Hakuna Matata!

Seattle doesn't get too many musicals, but when we DO get a good one, everyone goes. The Lion King is playing in Seattle for about a month, and most of the good seats have been sold out. Heather and I decided to go the cheap route and sit way in the back of the last balcony, but we still got a pretty good view of an excellent show. The audience was very enthusiastic about clapping, and they applauded very loudly everytime an interesting animal (like a large elephant) appeared on stage in the opening scene. The costumes were really, really well-designed, which was something very important to me because if they had just dressed everyone up in Halloween-like animal costumes, it would have made the entire thing pretty lame. Characters like Zazu and Timon were marionette-like figures controlled by a person standing next to them (the guy who did Zazu was REALLY funny). The dialogue left a bit to desired, since most of the jokes were taken directly from the movie, and they just weren't as funny when I knew the lines beforehand. And Zazu didn't sing "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts." :(

A few pictures (that I found on the internet, I didn't take them) to give a general idea of what the musical looked like:

The holiday season is definitely here, with the Christmas music on radio stations, huge crowds at malls, and Christmas lights in Redmond! The bridge right next to my apartment complex has been decorated with lights as a part of the Redmond Lights celebration, and it's really pretty at night. Yesterday the town had a kickoff celebration that began at city hall, and then everyone walked down the Sammamish River Trail to town center. The trail was lit up, so that was nice to look at. Justin and I went to town center, where there were a lot of people and free food samples from many local restaurants. Yummy. :)


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